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Winter Weather in Oklahoma: Urgent Care in Slippery Situations

Urgent Care: Avoiding Slippery Situations in Oklahoma

Chances are, you’ve used a snow shovel this past and or previous week, or you know someone who has had to. Oklahoma, like most of the country, braced itself for a winter chill and we’re just now recovering from the effects of it! Hopefully you stayed safe and didn’t experience any physical harmlike slips or falls, or any damage to personal property. You can never be too prepared and these past couple weeks have “re-proven” that to us here in Oklahoma. If another winter storm comes our way, we want you to be prepared.

First, make sure your home is winter-weather-proof. Check your pipes. Check your roof and ceiling for leaks, etc. You may want to have your home inspected before the next storm hits.

When snow does come, the time to break out the snow shovel and shovel the side-walk and driveway is while it’s snowing and not after. Clearing the sidewalk during the snow-fall will stop the melting and freezing into ice process that causes a thin, scary layer of ice under the snow. Once you have the path cleared of snow, sprinkle it with ice-melt granules such as sand or salt. This will help keep ice from forming.

Most importantly, be overly cautious when out and about. The likelihood of falling on a sidewalk or driveway increases proportionally with the amount of freezing rain and ice. Oklahoma got a lot of this. If you did take a fall, it is very important that you do not wait to be seen by a doctor. The pain of the fall may go away, but the damage may still be there. We are open and our offices are warm, so stop in any day of the week if you think you have an injury.

For future snow storms, wear snow boots as they provide better traction that most other shoes, or shoes with very good traction. Take shorter steps in the snow and ice and try to plant your whole foot gently down while walking. If you do fall on the ice and know immediately that you’ve hurt your back or such, you should very slowly try to get up. If there is something to hold onto nearby, do so and walk slowly.

Lastly, as was stated earlier, make sure to come in to see a doctor as soon as possible if you think you have injured yourself. Do not wait until it is too late; it’s always better safe than sorry! At First Med Urgent Care, we want to get you well. We are open 7 days a week 8:00am to 7:30pm. No appointment is needed, just walk in to any of our locations and you will be greeted by a warm environment and smiling faces. We look forward to caring for you.