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Plan Ahead to go Back to School: Part 2

First Med Urgent Care: School prep

As summer is drawing to a close and a new school year is nigh, take these next few weeks to prepare yourself and your children for the changes to come.

Here are three more tips to implement a successful start to the new school year.

3. Implement a bedtime routine:

During the summer, kids often fall into the bad habit of staying up late and sleeping in late. Starting 2-3 weeks before the first day of school, send your kids to bed at a specified time. This helps them get into a routine of getting the rest they need to stay healthy and prepare them for the school year.

4. Make a meal plan for healthy well-balanced lunches:

If your child takes a lunch to school, packing that lunch with nutrients in imperative. Lunch gives children a much needed boost in the middle of the day to stay focused. Research good lunch combinations for kids that will make sure they get all the nutrients they need. As a bonus for your kids, before you go on your school lunch shopping trip, have them make a list of their favorite snacks you can add to their lunches. That way, they can have a nice happy/healthy ratio to their meal.

5. Prepare to have everything ready to go the night before:

Setting out their clothes, school supplies, backpacks, and pre-making their lunches, gives you and the kids time in the morning to get up, eat a good breakfast, and spend quality time together before the school year officially starts.

Although these tips are not the only items on the back to school checklist, this will give you a good start.

Tip for you: Do not let the fast-paced end of summer overwhelm you. Spread out your responsibilities over the next couple of weeks and allow yourself time to prepare for what lies ahead. Yes, summer is wonderful, but seeing the excitement on the faces of your children as they step on the bus and dive headfirst into a new chapter, hit another milestone, and start a new year of life, is even better.