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Serious Flu Symptoms: Does Your Child Need To Visit An Urgent Care?

First Med Urgent Care: Information about flu

The staff at First Med Urgent Care want to keep you informed about serious flu symptoms that should result in your child staying home from school. With the flu season still in full swing, your parental senses might be on overdrive causing you to react to every cough or sneeze your child has. Not every cough or sneeze is enough to be seriously contagious. With the flu illness going around strongly this season, it is important to stay alert and keep an eye out for any symptoms that could develop into something stronger. According to Dr. Robert Key, in an article published on Health.com, children below the age of eight are more likely to be unequipped to fight the viruses that go around at school, resulting often in colds and illnesses.

The serious flu symptoms are reasons that kids should stay home from school and visit an urgent care for treatment. These are as follows:

1.) Throwing up two or more times during a 24-hour period (or not being able to keep normal foods or drinks down).
2.) A fever of 101 Fahrenheit or higher.
3.) Severe coughing or trouble breathing.
4.) Repeated severe diarrhea for at least a day.
5.) Stomach pains that last for more than two hours.
6.) Runny or stuffy nose.
7.) An unexplained skin rash or red eye.
8.) Fatigue (overly tired).

If your child shows any of these symptoms, it is important to get them into an urgent care to see a doctor. First Med Urgent Care has five different locations and our hours of operation are 8:00am to 7:30pm. We’re open seven days a week to treat your children and if you happen to find yourself developing any of these flu symptoms, we can take care of you as well.