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Infected Wounds: Signs You Need To Visit An Urgent Care

First Med Urgent Care: Infected wounds?

A trip to an urgent care might be in store if you have an infected wound. Most wounds are usually tainted with some amount of bacteria, however; infections happen when the body has low immune defenses that are unable to cope with the bacterial growth. More accurately, infected wounds develop as a result of microorganisms colonizing within a cut or puncture wound. This causes deterioration of the wound or delayed healing. Unfortunately, as infections spread they can lead to severe issues.

Information, which can be found on WebMD, states that while large wounds usually get most people’s attention there are reasons to pay attention to the small wounds as well. Definitely do not discredit the small wounds, because even very small wounds can become infected with all different types of dangerous bacterias. Without treatment, infected wounds can lead to many medical emergencies which can cost patients their limbs or their lives. Signs that you need to visit an urgent care facility for your infected wound include:

1.) Sever fever or chills
2.) Enlarged lymph nodes
3.) Increased swelling, redness or tenderness
4.) An odor coming from the wound
5.) Warmth on or around the wound
6.) Pus or drainage
7.) Red streaks progressing away from the wound

Keep in mind that anything decreasing your body’s natural healing abilities can put you at risk for infection. A weak immune system can increase your risk as well. Things like high blood pressure and narrowing blood vessels can also increase your risk, since they compromise blood flow. Be aware of your body and what is happening to it. You can take charge and visit your urgent care provider before things get serious, but if you need immediate care as a result of infected wounds, then we are available to assist. With proper treatment, infected wounds usually heal quickly and completely.