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Urgent Care Information: Springtime Allergies & You

First Med Urgent Care: Allergy symptoms

Spring is coming and that means for many people allergies are coming. Perhaps you’ve already been diagnosed with spring allergies at First Med Urgent Care or perhaps you just woke up and noticed something was different this year. It could be that you have developed springtime allergies or that you are unintentionally meeting up with your allergy triggers. So, do you know what your seasonal allergy symptoms are? Do you know what triggers them? We will show you a list of both! There are a few different symptoms and allergy triggers that you might need to be aware of this spring.

The symptoms of spring allergies can include:
1.) Runny nose
2.) Watery eyes
3.) Sneezing
4.) Coughing
5.) Itchy eyes and nose
6. ) Dark circles under the eyes

Keep in mind, just because you are sensitive to a particular allergen doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically start sneezing or coughing when you come into contact with it. According to WebMD, airborne allergens also can trigger asthma, a condition in which the airways narrow, making breathing difficult and leading to coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Common triggers for spring allergies can include:
1.) Spring flowers
2.) Pollen
3.) Mold spores
4.) Grass & trees
5.) Dust mites
6.) Cat and dog dander

Now that you know what the springtime allergy symptoms are and how they can sometimes be triggered by different things around you, we hope you may have some ideas about how to avoid or minimize them. We don’t expect you to stop living life or stay indoors just to avoid the allergens of the world. In fact, if you find that you’re having trouble staying ahead of those seasonal, springtime allergies then our urgent care staff is here to treat you. Just check out the First Med Urgent Care hours of operation here.