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First Med Urgent Care Reveals An Itchy Topic

Urgent Care News: Poison Ivy vs. Poison Oak

You’ve heard of insects being pests, right? Well, if our urgent care staff had to label any plants as being pests, we’d surely say Poison Ivy and Poison Oak fall into that category. The allergic reaction can be anywhere from mild to downright painful for some people. Although there isn’t much to stop it from causing you to break out into a rash if you come into contact with the plants, knowing a bit about each type of plant might make it easier to avoid them. First Med Urgent Care is sharing this bit of helpful information to guide you through learning how to spot signs of Poison Ivy or Poison Oak.

Poison Ivy: In the summer, these leaves are generally green with 3 leaves that have jagged edges.

Poison Oak: Also green, with 3 leaves. They’re reported as fuzzy leaves with a more tooth-like edge than the Poison Ivy leaves.

Both plants can cause someone to break out into an itchy, red rash simply by brushing against or touching any part of the plant. Poison Ivy and Poison Oak are so powerful that they can cause the spread of the rash even when the plant is dead. The infection can also spread through contact with anything that also touched the oils of the plants so be careful not to touch any items that could have come into contact with either plant. A common misconception is that the rash is spreadable through contact with other people, however; the rash is only spread through the oil. You cannot catch a rash from someone else by touching the blister fluid.

Our urgent care staff have treated many skin rashes, so if you have a rash and you aren’t sure whether it might be Poison Ivy or Poison Oak, we can take a look. Don’t hesitate to visit our urgent care facility. You can see which of our urgent care locations may suit you best by clicking here.