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Urgent Care Immunizations To Get You Back To School

Urgent Care: Ready For School; Fully Vaccinated?

It’s that time of year! With fall just around the corner, urgent care staff are working to make sure children from all around are safe and prepared for school! Your children probably have mixed emotions about school starting up again, but that doesn’t make preparations any less necessary. Don’t forget to visit First Med Urgent Care for all your back to school immunization needs. Keep in mind that children from preschool to college-age need vaccines to keep them protected from serious illnesses. Most children have already received some type of vaccination by the time they enter school, but are your children up-to-date with their most current shots?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Whooping cough made a strong come back in 2014 with nearly 10,000 cases reported from January to August. These numbers represent a 24% increase compared with the same time period in 2013. Another disease outbreak was the measles with 593 cases reported. These diseases and others like it are exactly the reason why keeping children vaccinated is important. Want a lesson you can teach your children at home?

Instilling the responsibility in your children of maintaining long-term health is a lesson you can provide to your children outside of school. Not only is a trip to the urgent care making your children safer, but you inevitably protect your children’s friends or classmates as your children will be less likely to catch something that they can pass on. Decrease your children’s risk of disease by getting them vaccinated at your local urgent care.

If you’re not sure whether your child is up-to-date on immunizations or not, it doesn’t hurt to check with an urgent care doctor. If nothing else, you will receive a check-up and have peace of mind. Beating the last minute “urgent care back-to-school rush” is always a bonus! Click here for locations and hours of operation.