Ice- Urgent care

Urgent Care Topic: Being Careful Not To Slip And Fall

First Med Urgent Care: Safety tips

This time of year can be so beautiful and perfect, but keep in mind when it rains and snow falls there is potential for you or others to slip and fall. Pain is a word that comes to mind when envisioning fallin; splayed out on the floor at an office. Nothing about falling down is a pleasant experience. Being careful should be a priority if you’d like to avoid visiting an urgent care for fractures, sprains or strains.

Some people get caught up in their own thoughts and they slip when they aren’t paying attention. Others lose their balance or surrounding conditions are conducive to slipping and falling. Here are a few ways you can promote a safer environment, reduce urgent care visits and help prevent slips at the office:

  • Place a caution sign to warn of slippery conditions.
  • Provide plastic bags to place over umbrellas to prevent pools of water or dripping.
  • Provide a floor mat for people to wipe their feet on after being outside in the rain or snow.
  • For snow and ice, place salt anywhere people will be walking outside to increase safety.
  • Keep walkways inside clear of clutter and make sure they are well-lit.
  • Eliminate uneven floor surfaces such as bunged up rugs.

For most people urgent care trips in the middle of winter aren’t very fun. While you can’t always prevent injuries from happening, being proactive can help reduce the chances of slipping and falling. We hope these tips are helpful, be careful in there!

If someone does accidentally slip and fall injuries such as sprained ankles, strained muscles or fractures can be treated at First Med Urgent Care. We are a walk-in urgent care medical clinic that provides medical treatment to individuals, families and employers. We are open 7 days a week 8:00am – 7:30pm. No appointment is necessary to enjoy our convenient medical care, just walk in and receive prompt attention. We have a physician on staff to provide the highest level of care possible.