Croup Urgent Care

First Med Urgent Care Helps You Understand Croup

Urgent Care Topics: Basics about croup

Winter time has brought with it common colds and bouts of the flu. Our urgent care offices have filled up with children this season despite their parents’ best efforts to keep everyone healthy. One of the dreaded, common winter illnesses that we’ve seen children for includes croup. A lot of people aren’t very familiar with this viral infection of the voice box and windpipe. First Med Urgent Care is here to help you understand the basics about croup.

Croup often comes on suddenly in the middle of the night and one of the first signs you will notice is your child’s cough. The very loud cough that they often wake up with can be described as sounding like the bark of a dog or seal. Another common symptom is the child’s inability to breath properly.

This is caused by inflammation of the tissue around the voice box and constricting of the windpipe. Furthermore, the bronchial passages are blocked with mucus. If you hear your child making a hollow, raspy noise, or high-pitched noise while breathing this could be further indication that your child has croup.

If your child is diagnosed, at an urgent care, with croup it is important to know that this virus can last for five or six days. It is also highly contagious to other children so keeping your child home from school is required. In most cases, there is no need to return to the urgent care for further treatment. The illness can be treated at home with rest, use of a humidifier, breathing in steam and drinking plenty of fluids.

If symptoms do not improve after being diagnosed at an urgent care and treating at home a visit straight to the ER may be in order. Keep an eye out for the symptoms and try to stay healthy this winter!