National Infant Immunization Week 2016

Learning About Immunization Week

Every year, there is a week dedicated to the awareness of immunizations and why they are important to our health. During National Infant Immunization Week (April 16th- April 23rd), there is a focus on how immunizations saves lives. Since 1994, the National Infant Immunization Week has inspired caregivers and health professionals to learn and recognize the importance of immunizing children. First Med Urgent Care would like to take this time to recognize the aim to promote the most powerful life saving tool.

Why are immunizations so valuable?

According to the CDC, between 2-3 million deaths are prevented every year. This is precisely why it is suggested that babies have vital immunizations by age two as the best way to protect them from serious childhood diseases. Currently, the United States has the safest, most effective vaccine supply in its history. As you may be aware and as First Med Urgent Care has blogged about in the past, diseases like the measles or whooping cough that have seemingly “disappeared” can still return.

The best way to prevent the spread of serious diseases such as those mentioned is by making sure that you follow the recommended immunization schedule. You can view the government’s recommended immunization list here.

Are your children up-to-date on their vaccines?

Countless parents are forced to stay home with their sick children when they become ill. What if it was something that could have prevented? In fact, every year, thousands of children in the United States get sick from illnesses that could have been prevented by immunizations.

After viewing the immunization schedule (click here) and reviewing your shot records, do you see a gap? Are you or your children not up-to-date with immunizations? If so, it’s not a problem. We can take care of you at First Med Urgent Care.

Feel free to call the First Med Urgent Care location nearest you to ask any questions you may have or just walk right in as there is no appointment necessary!