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Back To School Immune System Boosting Tips

Ways To Boost Your Immune System

For most students around the metro area, school will back in session within just a few shorts weeks. During these times of high anxiety and moments of rushing around to get everything in order, keeping your immune system in check is more vital. Your immune system is responsible for battling bacterial and viral infections, thus; if it’s overly strained it can’t operate properly. That’s precisely why our urgent care team has developed this list of back to school immune system boosting tips.

1.) Vaccinations: Getting your vaccinations to fight against the flu and other illnesses would be your first step in maintaining a healthy body.
2.) Exercise: Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to flush out bacteria, increase white blood cell circulation, and reduce the stress-related hormones.
3.) Lemon: Due to its high vitamin C and antioxidant content lemon can help you get over illnesses quicker. Squeezing a little lemon juice in your water or tea can help your body find balance.
4.) Hygiene: Remember to wash your hands after every visit to the restroom, as well as before and after every meal. Using antibacterial soap will limit your exposure to any harmful pathogens.
5.) Sleep: Create a healthy sleep pattern for yourself. Try to to stick to the same bedtime and wake-up times as much as possible, because lack of sleep can open the flood gate for all kinds of infections and weaken the immune system.

Even the healthiest people can feel the strain of starting a new school semester, but if you follow these guidelines you’ll be one step closer to a stronger immune system. In addition to these 5 immune system boosting tips, our urgent care staff would recommend avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, sugary foods, and stressful situations. All of these factors can cause inflammation in the body and prevent you from healing if you do become ill. If you find yourself feeling sick and none of the preventative measure have helped, visit First Med Urgent Care any day of the week!

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Healthy Test Taking Tips From First Med Urgent Care

First Med Urgent Care: Study Hard, Stay Healthy

First Med Urgent Care staff know that the pressure of taking tests is already beginning as school gets geared up again for the fall semester. If you ever have test anxiety or natural stress about taking tests in school, you’re not the only one. A lot of students of all ages get a little jittery around test taking time. First Med Urgent Care staff knows all about the pressure to do a good job and what it feels like so we’ve compiled a list of healthy test taking tips to get you started in the right direction this year.

1.) Prepare an outline: Making yourself a study plan can help you focus on the list of the most important topics to be covered. Use the guide you make when studying.

2.) Remove distractions: A lot of students have reported that studying at home is too much distraction, because they focus on what they can be doing rather than studying. There’s a reason why libraries still exist. They’re a great, quite place to study!

3.) Rest easy: This one seems like a “no-brainer,” but you’d be surprised just how many students stay up too late the night before an exam. Make sure you go to bed early enough to get plenty of rest.

4.) Eat well: If you eat a balanced breakfast it will be one less worry during the test. Nothing distracts you more during a test than a growling stomach.

5.) Just relax: Take a deep breathe before the test begins. Don’t forget to let it out! If you have your pencils, scrap paper or other materials allowed that’s another few things you don’t have to worry about. If you’ve followed your study plan, you should be prepared.

6.) Cross check: When you’ve finished your test, always cross check your answers. Double checking helps you make sure you didn’t make the mistake of skipping a question or filling in the right answer on the wrong line.

First Med Urgent Care wants you to do your very best. Most of these tips provided by our urgent care staff should help the majority of students feel at ease. Our urgent care staff thinks that if you follow these healthy test taking tips you’ll know you did your best!

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Urgent Care Immunizations To Get You Back To School

Urgent Care: Ready For School; Fully Vaccinated?

It’s that time of year! With fall just around the corner, urgent care staff are working to make sure children from all around are safe and prepared for school! Your children probably have mixed emotions about school starting up again, but that doesn’t make preparations any less necessary. Don’t forget to visit First Med Urgent Care for all your back to school immunization needs. Keep in mind that children from preschool to college-age need vaccines to keep them protected from serious illnesses. Most children have already received some type of vaccination by the time they enter school, but are your children up-to-date with their most current shots?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Whooping cough made a strong come back in 2014 with nearly 10,000 cases reported from January to August. These numbers represent a 24% increase compared with the same time period in 2013. Another disease outbreak was the measles with 593 cases reported. These diseases and others like it are exactly the reason why keeping children vaccinated is important. Want a lesson you can teach your children at home?

Instilling the responsibility in your children of maintaining long-term health is a lesson you can provide to your children outside of school. Not only is a trip to the urgent care making your children safer, but you inevitably protect your children’s friends or classmates as your children will be less likely to catch something that they can pass on. Decrease your children’s risk of disease by getting them vaccinated at your local urgent care.

If you’re not sure whether your child is up-to-date on immunizations or not, it doesn’t hurt to check with an urgent care doctor. If nothing else, you will receive a check-up and have peace of mind. Beating the last minute “urgent care back-to-school rush” is always a bonus! Click here for locations and hours of operation.

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Plan Ahead to go Back to School: Part 2

First Med Urgent Care: School prep

As summer is drawing to a close and a new school year is nigh, take these next few weeks to prepare yourself and your children for the changes to come.

Here are three more tips to implement a successful start to the new school year.

3. Implement a bedtime routine:

During the summer, kids often fall into the bad habit of staying up late and sleeping in late. Starting 2-3 weeks before the first day of school, send your kids to bed at a specified time. This helps them get into a routine of getting the rest they need to stay healthy and prepare them for the school year.

4. Make a meal plan for healthy well-balanced lunches:

If your child takes a lunch to school, packing that lunch with nutrients in imperative. Lunch gives children a much needed boost in the middle of the day to stay focused. Research good lunch combinations for kids that will make sure they get all the nutrients they need. As a bonus for your kids, before you go on your school lunch shopping trip, have them make a list of their favorite snacks you can add to their lunches. That way, they can have a nice happy/healthy ratio to their meal.

5. Prepare to have everything ready to go the night before:

Setting out their clothes, school supplies, backpacks, and pre-making their lunches, gives you and the kids time in the morning to get up, eat a good breakfast, and spend quality time together before the school year officially starts.

Although these tips are not the only items on the back to school checklist, this will give you a good start.

Tip for you: Do not let the fast-paced end of summer overwhelm you. Spread out your responsibilities over the next couple of weeks and allow yourself time to prepare for what lies ahead. Yes, summer is wonderful, but seeing the excitement on the faces of your children as they step on the bus and dive headfirst into a new chapter, hit another milestone, and start a new year of life, is even better.

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Plan Ahead to go Back to School: Part 1

First Med Urgent Care: School prep

As you walk into Wal-Mart, you cringe. You don’t know if this certain sight has that effect on everyone, but as soon as you see those bright yellow tubs full of school supplies, your heart sinks just as it did when you were a child. It sinks for the simple fact that those bins represent the end of summer. The end of freedom. The end of sleeping in late. The end of having all your kids to yourself. After the initial sighting of the school supplies, you walk around and take a couple of deep breaths as the shock slowly begins to wear off. It dawns on you, the end of summer means the beginning of a brand new school year. A new school year full of surprises, accomplishments, and growth.

Being a parent comes with many responsibilities. Getting our kids prepared for their first day of school, year after year, is one of those responsibilities. It can get hectic and stressful, but if you plan ahead, it can be as easy as 1 2 3!

Here are 5 back to school tips to keep you and the kiddo’s stress levels low: Sign-up for school physicals early, go over basic health protocol with your children, implement a bedtime routine, make a meal plan for healthy well-balanced lunches, and prepare to have everything ready to go the night before.

1. Sign-up for school physicals early:

Sports are a great way to stay active and fit. Make sure your kids are signed up for their favorite sports and after school activities. Most teams require a physical form from your child’s doctor. If you can get that taken care of during the now, it will eliminate the last minute stress and will keep you and your kids in good shape for the start of the year.

2. Go over basic health protocol with your children:

To help maintain health and reduce the spread of germs, go over routine habits such as washing hands. Spend time teaching them when to and how to thoroughly clean their hands. Many germs are easily avoided by healthy habits. The more they are aware, the less chance they have to pick-up an unwanted bug.

We’ll pick up on 3-5 next week in Part 2!