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First Med Urgent Care: Keeping your immune system strong

First Med Urgent Care tells how to keep your immune system strong!

First Med Urgent Care will always be around to treat you when you get sick, but ideally you never want to get sick! Here are some tips to keep your immune system strong during this wonderful, but also stressful, time of the year.

Get Plenty of Vitamin C: Everyone knows that getting plenty of vitamin C is key to keeping your immune system strong and fighting. The best way to get this vitamin is through fresh fruits and vegetables. Specifically berries, kiwi, oranges, bell peppers, and dark leafy greens are all great sources of vitamin C.

Get in the Sun!: Soaking up sunlight is important to the production of Vitamin D, a key nutrient for a healthy immune system. Getting some sunlight, about 30 minutes should do it, will help increase you production of Vitamin D.

Get Plenty of Rest: Fatigue is one of biggest contributors to a weakening immune system. Getting enough rest is critical to maintaining a strong immune system. The amount of rest someone needs varies depending on the person but it should be around 7 to 8 hours.

Drink Plenty of Water: Hydration is important for many reasons. How it keeps your immune system strong is because the body uses fluids to carry away toxins and flush your system through your urine. By drinking plenty of water, no target number just drink when you feel thirsty, you give your body the material it needs to flush your system of toxins and keep your immune system strong by eliminating threats.

De-Stress: The holidays are a stressful time, and stress means lowered immune function. Taking just a small amount of time to unwind and relax can do wonders for your health and immune system.

If you do get sick, First Med Urgent Care will be around to help treat you. Visit one of our many locations today!

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First Med Urgent Care lays out the most common fall sicknesses

First Med Urgent Care warns of the most common types of fall sicknesses

It’s starting to get colder outside and that means sicknesses like the flu are rampant. First med urgent care is here to lay out the most common.

Arthritis Pain

Not technically a sickness, but it can cause alot of pain to those who suffer from it. Whenever it gets cold, your body restricts blood flow to your extremities causing pain and stiffness which can be made worse in those who have arthritis or similar diseases. It’s worth noting that arthritis can happen at any age, though it’s more common in older people. If your experiencing chronic joint pain, get to a first med urgent care today and check.

 Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a common illness brought on by shorter, colder days. It’s symptoms include mild depression and problems eating or sleeping. It can also make someone more susceptible to other illnesses. Light therapy and other similar treatments can help mitigate the effects of seasonal affective disorder.


The big one. One of the most consistently common illnesses every year. People stay indoors more, helping spread the virus and shockingly, many in the general public are still unaware of the fall flu ramp-up. Of course, the best way to combat the flu is to not get it in the first place. First Med Urgent Care offers flu vaccinations, schedule an appointment today!

Allergies and Asthma

Pollen is on the rise during the fall and that means allergies. Again, not an illness in itself but it can weaken the immune system and lead to other common illnesses like bronchitis. People with Asthma can also experience more frequent and severe asthma attacks due to the increased pollen.

If you feel yourself getting sick, get into a First Med Urgent Care today and see a doctor. Schedule an appointment today at

Urgent Care Printable Patient Forms

First Med Urgent Care Offers Printable Patient Forms Online

Quicker Visits For New Urgent Care Patients

A few months ago we highlighted how First Med Urgent Care has helped save patients time by offering them the capability to check-in online. Since then, so many of our patients have flooded our feedback inbox with positive notes about this wonderful option (thank you to all of our patients who have told us how much you love the online check-in system). Today, we wanted to let new patients know that they can speed up their urgent care wait times even more by using the printable patient forms available on our website!

At an average doctor’s office you end up waiting for up to one hour just to even be called to back. That’s not counting the time it often takes to get to talk to the doctor. It’s not like that at First Med Urgent Care! Of course, there will be days when the lobby seems packed with new patients trying to get in, but a lot of those people are still filling out their patient paperwork.

Even then we strive to get those patients back as soon as possible, but you can imagine that it helps if you already have that vital paperwork filled out and ready to hand in upon your arrival. First Med is committed to giving you the best possible health care experience so you may click here to access the forms you’ll need to print, fill out, and bring with you to your visit.

If you find yourself feeling ill or have minor injuries and you’d rather skip the long wait times, come see us at any of our 6 convenient First Med Urgent Care locations that are easily found around the OKC and Edmond area. You may check-in online by clicking here. Then, simply show up with your important patient documents, your identification, and insurance cards that you may need to provide. Our urgent care staff will do the rest.

We look forward to treating you!

Memorial & MacArthur First Med Urgent Care: Grand Opening!

Memorial & MacArthur Urgent Care Grand Opening

Yesterday, was a fun and exciting day for First Med Urgent Care. During the last few months the development of the newest First Med Urgent Care facility, near Memorial and MacArthur in Oklahoma City, has been a great focus for the company. The original opening announcement started with First Med Urgent Care spreading the news online and on social media sites, but it is even more surreal, now. First Med Urgent Care’s CEO, Todd Lechtenberger, is excited to bring better care to the world of urgent care as he is passionate about his work. He is looking forward to serving patients in, yet, another part of Oklahoma City as he believes that First Med Urgent Care can bring a higher standard of care to the people living near Memorial and MacArthur.

While the newest location has been open and patients have been receiving service since October of 2015, the official grand opening with recognition from the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber took place on February 3rd, 2016. The grand opening event started with refreshments of coffee, bagels, donuts and other snacks to welcome arriving guests. At 9am, Todd Lechtenberger received a certificate on behalf of First Med Urgent Care which was presented by a member of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. Shortly after, an official ribbon cutting took place.

First Med Urgent Care

With the unveiling of the new First Med Urgent Care location, near Memorial and MacArthur, the mission remains as strong as ever! First Med wants to bring the same caliber of treatment they always have, but now to even more patients than before. When you walk through the door to see the waiting room, there is a sense of calm as it really isn’t like any other waiting room. With tones as varied as soft gray and creamy beige, the neutral colors are certainly not boring. There is hope that you will notice the difference in the waiting area as it was designed with the intention to bring an “at home” feeling. Come see it and experience the difference for yourself! Here’s the newest First Med Urgent Care address:

13401 N MacArthur Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73142

For a list of general services, please click here. If you are in need of medical attention, staff is waiting to assist you!

NewLocation- First Med Urgent Care

First Med Urgent Care: Open At New Location

First Med Urgent Care: Serving more patients

The development of the newest First Med Urgent Care facility has been an exciting process. It’s gone from breaking ground, to approving the building plans to picking out the paint colors. Now, our mission is to start serving more patients. We were so happy to make our new waiting room look and feel better than the average doctor’s office. Our grand opening was on October 1st, 2015 so if you’re in the need for non-emergency urgent care, please consider stopping in.

To all of our loyal patients, we are thankful for you! We’re amazed at the overwhelming response to urgent care treatment versus emergency room visits. The public’s desire for immediate access to friendly medical care has been the driving force behind our monumental growth. We understand that patients are fueled by their frustrations over long waits in the ER for non-emergency care! That is precisely why at First Med Urgent Care we strive to serve patients with a smile and without the long waits.

We do not require appointments to be made, making it easy for those who just want to walk-in. Just like our other five urgent care locations, the new location is open 7 days per week from 8am to 7:30pm. We love that we are able to stay open after 5pm for the convenience of all working parents out there that need non-emergency medical attention for themselves or their children, but can’t afford to leave work in the middle of the day. For all the patients living on the Northwest side of Oklahoma City near Memorial Road and MacArthur, we are happy to welcome you to the newest location! This means you don’t have to drive all the way down to NW 39th street to have urgent care. The address for the newest First Med Urgent Care is:

13401 N MacArthur Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73142

For a list of general services, please click here. If you are in need of medical attention, we have staff waiting to assist you!