Health Insurance - Urgent Care OKC & Edmond

Understanding How Your Health Insurance Works

The Basics of Health Insurance

When dealing with health problems you should be aware of the best urgent care OKC has to offer along with knowing how your health insurance covers it. We provide the urgent care for Edmond and OKC residents need here at First Med Urgent Care.

You may have questions about how your insurance works when you visit First Med. Urgent care is not the same as the emergency room, nor is it equivalent to making an appointment at your primary physician’s office. When you visit an urgent care, you pay a co-pay that is slightly higher than a check-up at a primary doctor. However, it is significantly lower than an ER co-pay on most plans. Here are a few basic insurance terms that are helpful for everyone to know.

  • Preventive vs. Urgent Care. Preventive care is covered by insurance, often at a very low cost or no co-pay. This includes check-ups, routine blood work, etc.
  • Out-of-Pocket Limit. Every single and family plan has a limit on what must be paid out of pocket across the board after co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.
  • Deductible. It is the amount you pay before insurance kicks in, and varies from plan to plan.
  • Co-pay. This is the amount you pay along with your insurance company. For many types of visits, like urgent care, sick visits, and ER visits, the co-pay is pre-defined.

Nine Essential Benefits

The trademark of insurance coverage is a plan that covers the 9 Essential Benefits:

  1. Outpatient service
  2. Emergency service
  3. Hospitalization and surgery
  4. Maternity and delivery
  5. Prescription medication
  6. Rehabilitation
  7. Laboratory services
  8. Pediatric care
  9. Preventive care (check-ups) and disease management (specialists)

Visiting urgent care falls in the category of outpatient service, not emergency service. If it is a dire emergency requiring an ambulance, the patient needs to go to the nearest ER. If you are looking for urgent care in NW OKC,  SW OKC and Edmond – First Med Urgent Care can help. No appointment needed.