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The End Of School Vacation Safety Tips

First Med Urgent Care Tips

Now that school has finally let out for the summer break, it is common practice for families to take vacations. The air is warmer and it just seems like good, common sense to take a relaxing break. Even if your vacation is actually a “staycation” if there will be outdoor activity, then these vacation safety tips can help you have a healthy vacation.

The following are our urgent care teams’  list of “end of school” vacation safety tips:

1.) Drink A Lot Of Water: We all know how tempting it is to grab for that bubbly soda, but during the warmer temperatures it is wise to drink water instead. You don’t want to get dehydrated which could cause other problems.

2.) Be Careful With Activities: If you have decided on doing an activity that you don’t normally do make sure that you follow all safety rules and wear appropriate safety gear for the activity you have chosen.

3.) Wear Sunglasses: Keeping your eyes in good health during a sunny trip outdoors is important. Blocking out those harmful UVA and UVB sunrays are best for healthy eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes, also!

4.) Wear Sunscreen: This is something many people neglect to do, but just because it’s not mid-summer doesn’t mean you won’t get a sunburn. Apply it about twenty minutes before going outside and continue to reapply every one-and-a-half to two hours.

5.) Beware Of Bugs: Going outside means possible contact with insects. When you’re having an active, outdoor vacation remember to protect yourself from bites, stings, and infections by wearing an insect repellent.

These are just a few, simple safety tips for the beginning of your summer vacation. As we get deeper into summer some of these will be even more important. If during the course of your vacation anything should happen that would require you to visit our urgent care clinic, you can contact us by calling or just coming in without an appointment. First Med Urgent Care staff hope that you will have a safe and happy summer break!

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Urgent Care Services: Treating Urinary Tract Infections

First Med Urgent Care: General Services

The truth is that anyone can get a urinary tract infection (UTI), although women are more likely to get them than men. While this subject may be unpleasant to think about, it happens more often that urgent care patients realize. UTIs are defined as bacterial infections in the body’s urinary system.

The common causes of UTIs are:

1.) Bacteria like E. coli in the gastrointestinal tract.

2.) Presence of other bacteria in the system such as;  staphylococcus, proteus, klebsiella, enterococcus, and pseudomonas.

3.) Bladder infections. According to medical professionals (see WebMD for your own research) the following is true about bladder infections related to UTIs:

a.) Women are more likely to get urinary tract infections, because the tube running from the bladder to the outside (the urethra) is much shorter than in men.

b.) In men, however, a bladder infection is almost always a symptom of an underlying disorder. It is generally due to the infection migrating from the prostate or some other part of the body, signaling problems in those locations.

What can you do? 

You should drink lots of water to help wash out the bacteria from the urinary system. Our most important advice would be to visit one of our urgent care clinics to determine the best treatment for your UTI. In most cases, a single episode of a bladder infection could be treated between three to seven days of taking an antibiotic. If symptoms return, additional test might be done to rule out other problems.

For more information about First Med Urgent Care locations and hours of operation feel free to click here. There you will also find a list of our contact information. If you have any questions you may call any one of our 5 urgent care locations. If you want to check out what other illnesses our staff members are prepared to treat you for please click here.

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First Med Urgent Care Offers Sport Physicals

First Med Urgent Care: Get ready for sports camp

It’s about that time of year again! Sports camps are scheduled and perhaps you have a child interested in attending camp, this year? Whether your child is interested in playing baseball, softball, soccer or football, going to camp can be an exciting and fun way to pass a few weeks out of the summer vacation. If your child is planning to attend any sports camp, you should know that most camps require that the attendees have physicals before they can participate. The Pre-Participation Exam (or PPE) is to make certain that the child is healthy and not subject to potential injury or illness caused by the sports camp (of course, they aren’t to suggest that injuries won’t ever take place).

These exams are routine and include an evaluation of your child’s medical history. We make sure all the child’s vaccines are up to date and a complete physical examination is conducted. First Med Urgent Care staff have experience with the procedure!  First Med Urgent Care is also a trusted source for vaccinations, so leave it to our urgent care doctors or nurses to administer any previously missed vaccinations so your child can get caught up.

If your child is also planning to play sports for school, this year, you can “kill two birds with one stone.” By your child having a complete physical done prior to sports camp, it should set your child up to be in the perfect time frame to use the same information for when school starts. The even better part about visiting our urgent care is that our wait times are relatively low, so you can get all the exams and forms you need right away without an appointment.

About Us: 

First Med Urgent Care is a walk-in urgent care medical clinic that provides medical treatment to individuals, families and employers. We are open 7 days a week 8:00am – 7:30pm. No appointment is necessary to enjoy our convenient urgent care medical treatment, just walk in and receive prompt attention. We have a physician on staff to provide the highest level of care possible. First Med Urgent Care is for non-emergency medical problems such as the flu, vaccinations, physicals, sore throats, ear infections, minor burns, cuts and scrapes, and minor injuries.

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Visit The Urgent Care For Fractures

First Med Urgent Care: Fractures

With the warmer spring weather settling in, children’s sport activities such as little league baseball and soccer will be causing  kids to be more active outside. With these sporty activities comes more risk of your children falling or other traumatic events occurring. Sure, they’ve probably fallen before without a worry; kids just get back up and go along with their business. There are times, however; when falling can cause significant problems such as bone fractures. The definition of a bone fracture is the same as the term broken or cracked in that the bone is no longer intact.

For these types of injuries you should bring your child to the urgent care, because this is considered a medical emergency. Sometimes, though, you may not even know if your child has a fractured bone and may debate about going to the urgent care right away. So, what symptoms should you check for?

Here is a list of the main symptoms:

1.) Swelling or bruising over a bone.
2.) Pain in the injured area that gets worse with movement or pressure applied to the area.
3.) Deformity of injured area.
4.) This one is obvious: if the bone is protruding from the skin.

As long as the skin is not broken, the blood vessels and nerves are still working. That means there is a chance to go a little slower with decision making. For some fractures, operation is the only option, but for most of them the body is amazing at healing with a little help from urgent care doctors. Either way it is probably a good idea to not take too long to decide whether you should visit an urgent care, because timing does play an important role when it comes to caring for the broken bones.

Thus, if you think that you or someone you’re with may have fractured a bone then call your urgent care doctor or just come right in with no appointment necessary. We have the capability to provide you with an X-RAY due to our onsite lab. Even if it turns out that you don’t have a fractured bone, it is better to be safe than sorry, right? Here is our contact information page: click here.

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Sore Throats: Are They Urgent Care Worthy?

First Med Urgent Care: Information Station

Spring is full blown by this time, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t subject to getting sick. First Med Urgent Care staff see this sort of thing a lot. You’ve likely had the unfortunate experience of a sore throat, yourself, no matter the season. It’s inevitable that a sore throat will make you feel utterly miserable. Some people may not feel the need to visit an urgent care doctor for a sore throat, however; there are many different reasons you can get a sore throat. It is difficult to know which sore throat is worse than the next, without getting tested. The most common two reasons people get sore throats are because of a common cold or strep throat.

As you can imagine, a sore throat caused by a common cold is the least intense version of the two mentioned. Research tells us that usually, the sore throat is caused by a virus when it is associated with the common cold. Many patients visit our urgent care to get a check-up and generally speaking a sore throat from a common cold comes on in the beginning stages and goes away after a few days. Following the sore throat is the onset of the other common cold symptoms such as; runny nose, sneezing and coughing.

Strep throat causes a similar feeling sore throat, but differs in that it is made of streptococcus bacteria. The bacteria from this type of sore throat can be passed from person to person through saliva. As you may or may not already know, strep throat has been known to cause more severe illnesses. This is the reason why it is important to have an urgent care doctor run a strep test on you.

It would be easier if there were a simple way to tell the difference between the sore throat symptoms connected with the common cold and strep throat, but the truth is that the symptoms of a cold and strep throat can be very similar. So, if you aren’t sure is your sore throat is “urgent care worthy” then perhaps you should visit your urgent care provider anyway. It is always best to be on the safe side.

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Urgent Care Services: What About Warts?

Information From First Med Urgent Care

Perhaps one day you reached down to hold your child’s hand and you felt a wart. Maybe your teen is getting ready for prom season and is now concerned about personal appearance due to a wart. Furthermore, it could be that you have an unfriendly wart lingering on your own skin. Whatever your reason for seeking information regarding the pesky virus, First Med Urgent Care is here for you.

First Med Urgent Care Answers: What are warts?

Warts can seem scary and make people worry. They tend to grow very quickly, are noticeable bumps and are caused by the human papilloma virus. Yes, you read that correctly, warts are not caused by touching little, green frogs or toads as many people believe. Although the wart virus is not spread by our amphibian friends, it is contagious. Most often, it is spread when there is a break in the skin. As we all well know, children are often much more active (school, playgrounds, etc) and this is why children seem to be more susceptible to the wart virus. Other members of the family can also be open to getting warts, depending on circumstances.

First Med Urgent Care Answers: When should you visit an urgent care for warts? 

If you have tried the “at-home-remedies” and didn’t have luck or you need a quick removal, visiting our urgent care could be your answer. While the removal is very fast and you can return home immediately after having a wart removed, it is important to know that it may take several days for the area to heal. Knowing this will allow you to plan accordingly for your future plans.

Once you have a wart, it is not always the easiest thing to live with or to get rid of. If you find yourself in need of wart removal, don’t hesitate to visit our urgent care facility. You can see which of our urgent care locations may suit you best by clicking here.

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Urgent Care Patients: Do You Need To Worry About Influenza?

First Med Urgent Care: The Flu

First Med Urgent Care staff have seen a rise in the influenza or flu illness in patients over the past few months. The flu is usually an annual outbreak. The time frame for the beginning of the epidemic is usually as early as November and runs as late as April. With that being said, our urgent care staff has taken notice that the symptoms started later in this “cycle” than usual. This means, we predict the flu virus will continue to go strong until, possibly, May. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have weekly U.S. influenza surveillance reports. These reports tell us that the flu activity has remained high in the past few months.

Some flu symptoms you may want to keep an eye out for include: sudden onset of cough, high fever, chill, severe headache, and body aches.

An urgent care tip from us: The illness can last as long as two weeks before full recovery. If it is lasting longer than that, seek medical help. Although there are medications to help prevent or shorten the illness, vaccination is the best way to prevent illness.

The flu has had a stronger effect on young children and there have been some tragedies associated with the illness. So, yes, it is a very serious issue and you should worry about the flu. It is very important to pay attention to your health and the health of your family members. Urgent care staff are available to treat your flu needs should you find that you are getting sick. If you have not had flu symptoms this season and you want to stay preventative,  it is not too late to get the flu shot. Our urgent care is open 7 days a week for your convenience. Our five locations are spread throughout the Oklahoma City and Metro areas to service many patients. Click here for our urgent care hours of operation.

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Urgent Care News: Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder With Exercise

On Behalf Of First Med Urgent Care

First Med Urgent Care staff have welcomed spring, but there are many people who aren’t so happy about the change in season. We’re a little over a week into spring and there may be some people out there suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). While we may not get many patients at our urgent care who talk about this, we know this happens to a lot of people. According to the WebMD explanation of this kind of depression, it is associated with the change in seasons. Most people get this type of depression when winter rolls around, but under rarer occasions some people experience it beginning in spring or summer. While this isn’t necessarily a severe issue that you’d have to visit our urgent care for, we still find the information to be valuable for our patients.

In any season, SAD symptoms can range from mild to severe, depending on each individual person. Some of our own urgent care patients may have this and not even realize it. Some of the most common symptoms include feeling worthless, having low energy and having problems sleeping. In some cases of spring-related SAD symptoms, patients have experienced anxiety, weight loss and poor appetite. Experts believe that SAD may be linked to hormonal changes, but the truth about why SAD happens is truly unknown.

There are a few ways that have been reported to help you can fight off SAD, but one of the most important ways is to exercise. The psychological benefits of exercise are great, because as you exercise your body releases endorphins. In turn, the endorphins “intermingle” with the receptors in your brain, therefore; reducing your perception of pain. Have you ever heard that endorphins make you happy? It’s sort of true in that way. That is why so many runners describe the feeling similar to morphine or “runner’s high.” Regular exercise has been proven to do many things for a person, such as; reduce stress, fight depression, boost self-esteem and improve sleep.

Any urgent care staff member can tell you that exercising doesn’t only make your mind work better, but it inevitably makes your body better.  Of course, we recommned checking with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. If you feel that you need social support to deal with depression, you can try joining a group exercise class or going with a friend to the gym. It’s easy to see how surrounding yourself with positive motivation may help you continue on the path to success.

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Urgent Care Reports: Those Pesky Migraines

First Med Urgent Care: Migraine symptoms

Have you ever been seen at an urgent care for your migraines? If so, you’re not alone! According to the Migraine Research Foundation, nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households includes someone who suffers from migraines. They even reported that 10% of the population, including children, suffer from migraines. Those are astonishing statistics and for many people they aren’t even aware that they could be part of the 36 million people in the USA that suffer from migraines. It is quite possible that you have migraines, but you don’t even realize it.

Here are a few pre-migraine symptoms you may experience:

1.) Depression
2.) Food cravings
3.) Hyperactivity
4.) Irritability
5.) Neck stiffness
6.) Uncontrollable yawning

Here are a few symptoms you may experience during migraines to help you determine if you are getting them:

1.) Pain on one side or both sides of your head
2.) Pain that has a pulsating, throbbing quality
3.) Sensitivity to light, sounds and sometimes smells
4.) Nausea and vomiting
5.) Blurred vision
6.) Lightheadedness, sometimes followed by fainting

After a migraine attacks, you may feel completely washed out. Migraine attacks can cause a considerable amount of pain for hours to days and be very severe. A migraine headache can definitely cause disruption in daily activities for you and your family.  If you feel that you or your child may be suffering from migraines which can diminish the quality of life, you might consider seeking medical attention via our urgent care facility. Migraine headaches are often undiagnosed and untreated. If you regularly experience any of the mentioned symptoms of migraine attacks, it might be a good idea to  keep a written record of your attacks. Then make an appointment with your urgent care doctor to discuss your headaches. If you already have a history of  migraine headaches, you should see your doctor if the pattern changes or your headaches suddenly feel different.

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Urgent Care Information: Springtime Allergies & You

First Med Urgent Care: Allergy symptoms

Spring is coming and that means for many people allergies are coming. Perhaps you’ve already been diagnosed with spring allergies at First Med Urgent Care or perhaps you just woke up and noticed something was different this year. It could be that you have developed springtime allergies or that you are unintentionally meeting up with your allergy triggers. So, do you know what your seasonal allergy symptoms are? Do you know what triggers them? We will show you a list of both! There are a few different symptoms and allergy triggers that you might need to be aware of this spring.

The symptoms of spring allergies can include:
1.) Runny nose
2.) Watery eyes
3.) Sneezing
4.) Coughing
5.) Itchy eyes and nose
6. ) Dark circles under the eyes

Keep in mind, just because you are sensitive to a particular allergen doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically start sneezing or coughing when you come into contact with it. According to WebMD, airborne allergens also can trigger asthma, a condition in which the airways narrow, making breathing difficult and leading to coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Common triggers for spring allergies can include:
1.) Spring flowers
2.) Pollen
3.) Mold spores
4.) Grass & trees
5.) Dust mites
6.) Cat and dog dander

Now that you know what the springtime allergy symptoms are and how they can sometimes be triggered by different things around you, we hope you may have some ideas about how to avoid or minimize them. We don’t expect you to stop living life or stay indoors just to avoid the allergens of the world. In fact, if you find that you’re having trouble staying ahead of those seasonal, springtime allergies then our urgent care staff is here to treat you. Just check out the First Med Urgent Care hours of operation here.