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First Med Urgent Care Warns Against Walking Barefoot

Help From Our Urgent Care: Shoes are great

We’re sure some people love running outside without any shoes on when the weather is warm, are we right? The grass is warm and feels soft between your toes and there’s just something lovely about being connected to the earth, but did you know there are dangers to strolling around barefoot? First Med Urgent Care brings a warning about walking barefoot this summer.

The most obvious downside to walking around without any shoes on is the increased risk of stubbing your toes (OUCH!) or stepping on sharp objects likes rocks, nails or glass. Inside the house there are just as many things to worry about, especially if your child, like many, likes to leave sharp toys lying around. If you step on anything rusty, guess what that means? A trip to an urgent care for a tetanus shot. That’s not fun!

Urgent care trips may not even be helpful if something more serious should happen as a result of walking barefoot. For example, if you don’t remember from biology class, certain parasites are able to pass through human feet. Hookworms are one of the most common parasites known to enter feet due to contaminated soil. Although some hookworm infections may not cause symptoms, severe infections often cause weight loss, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue, loss of appetite and anemia. If blood loss occurs people may have to have blood transfusions which extends beyond an entry level urgent care issue.

Urgent care staff want you to know protecting your feet is a must! If you don’t want to be subject to injuring yourself or possibly getting sick from a parasite, it’s important to remember your shoes. If you need to visit First Med Urgent Care for any reason, please click here for our hours and locations.