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First Med Urgent Care Reveals Reasons For Abdominal Pains: Part 1

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Pain in the abdominal region can be caused by something temporary or it could be a signal from your body that something more serious is to blame. As there are so many organs in the abdomen it can be difficult for some patients to pinpoint the exact reasons for their tummy issues. Today, our urgent care article focuses on 7 possible culprits of pain in the belly area.

  • Pancreatitis – Inflammation of the pancreas that can cause burning pain in the upper or middle abdomen. Sometimes, it can even be felt in the back.
  • Appendicitis –This kind of pain is usually very sudden in the mid-abdomen, progressing into the lower, right side. This usually warrants surgery to remove the appendix before it bursts.
  • Gallstones – These can form in the gallbladder, causing a blockage of the duct that leads into the intestinal tract which can result in pain. You may notice this pain in the right, upper side of the abdomen.
  • GERD – Gastroesophageal reflux disease can cause pain in the upper stomach and patients often feel heartburn in the lower chest.
  • Diverticulitis – This happens when the pockets that form the lining of the intestines become inflamed. Pain can range from mild cramping in the lower abdomen to sever pain as a result of abscesses, bleeding, and even perforations.
  • IBD – Inflammatory bowel disease is inflammation inside the small or large intestine and can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and rectal bleeding. This can progress to cancer so it requires monitoring.
  • IBS – Irritable bowl syndrome can cause similar stomach pains as those with IBD, but it doesn’t cause inflammation, rectal bleeding, and doesn’t progress to cancer.

We hope this list is informative for you. Please note that our urgent care staff has provided this information for educational purposes. While our urgent care doctors may be able to help you narrow down your type of abdominal pain to a specific cause, please note that we may not have the capability at our clinics to treat some of the more long-term and serious abdominal diseases. First Med Urgent Care is for non-emergency medical problems such as the flu, common colds, sore throats, ear infections, minor burns, cuts and scrapes, and minor injuries.

Many of the conditions mentioned in this article may require you to take serious action such as receiving emergency surgery or ongoing medical assessment. Should you feel that your stomach pain is caused by something minor, please feel free to come in and get a check-up at any of our 6 urgent care locations.