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Kevin Durant Provides Positive Tomorrows With $35,000

Donation To Positive Tomorrows

It’s Christmas time and when people think about this holiday they think about giving. Someone special to Oklahoma City decided to spread a little of his own Christmas cheer by giving very generously. In fact, on Wednesday morning (12/09/15), there was quite a buzz in the news about this particular act of giving. The reason so many news networks were spinning out articles on that day was thanks to Kevin Durant’s charity foundation providing Positive Tomorrows with $35,000! This donation makes the third one that Kevin Durant has given to the school.

The unique thing about Positive Tomorrows is that this school is the only elementary school in Oklahoma City that serves homeless children. First Med Urgent Care’s CEO, Todd Lechtenberger, is on the board of Positive Tomorrows and has seen the wonderful influence that the school has had for these children. Throughout the year everyone on the board does what they can to keep things going strong for the school, but every donation helps to keep the school at its best!

Positive Tomorrows was very thankful to have received this large donation. Kevin Durant stated “they need some help and, simple, I just wanted to help them”. First Med Urgent Care is happy to announce that the money received from Kevin Durant will go towards giving the students, at Positive Tomorrows, better science equipment, books and supplies. It will also help the school board afford to upgrade the kitchen equipment.

Todd Lechtenberger is passionate about his work with Positive Tomorrows and would like to encourage others to help out. When considering an organization like this, many people feel that there is nothing they can do, but the truth is that even small donations make a difference. If you’d like to give a donation to go towards improving the education of homeless children, please click here.