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Urgent Care Reveals After School Snacks Often Disguised As Healthy: Part 1

Urgent Care Warns Against Unhealthy Snacks That Appear Healthy

Often kids come home from school and they want to snack, right? It’s a common occurrence and busy parents are usually just trying to transition from a long work day to an evening at home so they are willing to let their kids have what they believe are healthy snacks before dinner is prepared. It’s important to understand that not all snacks are as healthy as they may seem. In part one of this series, our urgent care reveals 3 after school snacks that are often disguised as healthy, but they really aren’t.

With that being said, our urgent care team wanted to also provide a few alternatives for each snack, instead.

First Med Urgent Care’s 3 Choices For “Snack Discussion”:

Applesauce: The most convenient of snacks like applesauce that come in squeezable containers should be regarded carefully.  You should steer clear of brands containing high-fructose corn syrup, sugar and artificial colors, which account for a large majority of kid-friendly packaged applesauce. Before purchasing take a look at the labels, because many applesauce brands that are marketed for children actually have tons more sugar than some of the regular sized containers.

Alternatively you could just buy whole apples and purée them in a food processor, adding a little natural sugar like honey rather processed white sugar.

Flavored Drinks: Many parents openly admit to thinking sports drinks and flavored water are perfectly healthy for their children to consume, because of the electrolytes. The truth is that these types of beverages are normally loaded with sugar.

Alternatively you should opt for plain water, but if a subtle sweetness is what you’re after try an all natural coconut water with no added sugar, because coconut water naturally contains electrolytes. 

Snack Bars: Most granola bars and energy bars are no healthier in many cases than a candy bar, because they often contain large amounts of  high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and fat. This is another one of those treats that will require looking at labels as it may be possible to find a few brands that are decent.

Alternatively you could make your own snack bars so that you know exactly what the ingredients are.

Our urgent care staff hope that the warning about these popular unhealthy after school snacks have enlightened you a little more. Making the changes for your children’s diet could mean the difference in maintaining their healthy bodies longer. To learn more, feel free to come back for part 2 of this urgent care blog series in 2 weeks!