Urgent Care Printable Patient Forms

First Med Urgent Care Offers Printable Patient Forms Online

Quicker Visits For New Urgent Care Patients

A few months ago we highlighted how First Med Urgent Care has helped save patients time by offering them the capability to check-in online. Since then, so many of our patients have flooded our feedback inbox with positive notes about this wonderful option (thank you to all of our patients who have told us how much you love the online check-in system). Today, we wanted to let new patients know that they can speed up their urgent care wait times even more by using the printable patient forms available on our website!

At an average doctor’s office you end up waiting for up to one hour just to even be called to back. That’s not counting the time it often takes to get to talk to the doctor. It’s not like that at First Med Urgent Care! Of course, there will be days when the lobby seems packed with new patients trying to get in, but a lot of those people are still filling out their patient paperwork.

Even then we strive to get those patients back as soon as possible, but you can imagine that it helps if you already have that vital paperwork filled out and ready to hand in upon your arrival. First Med is committed to giving you the best possible health care experience so you may click here to access the forms you’ll need to print, fill out, and bring with you to your visit.

If you find yourself feeling ill or have minor injuries and you’d rather skip the long wait times, come see us at any of our 6 convenient First Med Urgent Care locations that are easily found around the OKC and Edmond area. You may check-in online by clicking here. Then, simply show up with your important patient documents, your identification, and insurance cards that you may need to provide. Our urgent care staff will do the rest.

We look forward to treating you!

Web Check In- First Med Urgent Care

Web Check In Coming Soon to a Clinic Near You!

First Med Urgent Care: Check in online

Gone are the days of finding your patient record from a floor to ceiling cupboard behind the receptionist desk. Big changes are here for First Med Urgent Care! As you know, we are always looking for ways to make your visit with us a great experience. We want to do all we can to be your number one choice for care. We want to be the place you come to with all of your medical needs.

No one likes to be sick or injured, but inevitably at some point, we all get sick, and eventually you might need of our services for some reason or another. We want to make sure that when that time comes, we will make your visit comfortable and the process seamless.

You may have noticed that our website has read, “Web check-in coming soon!” on the home page. We know that for those who are still a little gun shy when it comes to technology, you may be feeling a bit nervous, but have no fear, this is a good thing. Web check-in means less time in the waiting room and more time with our friendly staff ready to serve you.

We are implementing new software for urgent care clinics. The software we have acquired will streamline our back-end processes, making your stay more efficient.

“Web Check In” feature highlight:

The web check-in feature means that when you come into the clinic, we already have your paperwork up and ready to go. This mean, that if you are sick, you can even check-in while you are still in bed instead of filling out paperwork in our waiting room with all of our other patients. When you walk in, we already know what you need and what you are here for.

We cannot express just how excited we are about these changes and we hope that you will be too! Just visit our home page and click the link for the location of your choice. We will be adding our other 2 locations over the next 2 weeks.