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Urgent Care Topic: Fun Spring Break Exercise Ideas For Families

Fun Ways To Get Moving Presented By First Med Urgent Care

For some spring break has started and for others it will be coming up soon! Whether you and your family have decided to stay home or go somewhere warm one thing is true for MOST children and that is that they love playing and what adult doesn’t like having a little fun now and then? Today, our urgent care is revealing a few fun ways you can have a healthy spring break, yet a fun one that incorporates exercise for the whole family!

Here are activities that you may consider trying to get you and your family moving this spring break:

  • Try a jump rope contest
  • Fly kites and have fun chasing them down
  • Ride bikes with everyone or take a group walk around
  • Make a game out of taking stairs whenever possible and avoid elevators
  • Crank up music and dance around like crazy
  • Jump up during commercials or take breaks (for Netflix watchers) to jump around silly
  • If it’s too cold, go swimming indoors someplace (The YMCA?)
  • Try a fun game of charades with plenty of active acting
  • If you’re going on a road trip, get out at pit stops to stretch, walk or even race from the car to the building (bathrooms) and back

Studies suggest that everyone needs at least 30-60 minutes of physical activity every day and it doesn’t have to occur all at once. The nice part is that you can split up the active time throughout the day and it still counts.

We, at First Med Urgent Care, believe that participating in physical activity as a family can be as fun and great as you make it! These ideas presented by our urgent care are just some suggestions. Of course, we encourage you to do whatever you see fit for your family. Use your imagination to get creative with your family exercise this spring break!

Be careful out there, whatever you decide to do. If you need us, First Med Urgent Care staff will be here to assist you with any urgent care needs 7 days a week from 8am to 7:30pm.

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First Med Urgent Care Discusses Camping Safety

Enjoy The Outdoors Without An Urgent Care Visit

In just a few short weeks, summer will be coming to a halt and everyone will be scrambling around to get ready for school again. For that reason, urgent care staff, working parents and children are sometimes eager to get out there and enjoy the lake for the homestretch of summer. First Med Urgent Care has compiled a list of camping safety tips to make sure that everyone has a great time outdoors, without having to make a run to visit an urgent care.

1.) Get caught up on vaccinations. Your children will need them for school anyway, so it’s helpful to make sure all vaccines are up to date. Not only is helpful for future use, but being vaccinated can help protect against certain diseases while camping.

2.) Pack lots of water and healthy foods to stay hydrated while spending time outdoors. Keep cold foods cold by placing them in an insulated cooler. Make sure you separate raw foods from the food that requires cooking so you don’t contaminate anything. Don’t eat any raw meats. Bring along a meat thermometer to make sure your meats are cooked to perfection (at least 160°).

3.) Find a shady spot to relax in so as to minimize you time in the sun and prevent heatstroke.

4.) Prevent visiting an urgent care for fractured bones by planning safe physical activities. Hiking, walking and swimming can keep you active, but be sure to bring the right protection with you such as tennis shoes, helmets, life jackets and sunscreen!

5.) Avoid poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac should. If you seem to get a rash and you’re unsure about it, check in with an urgent care for rash treatment options.

6.) Beware of ticks, mosquitoes and other insects. Pack a bug repellent for everyone to wear.

These are just a few general camping safety tips to help remind you and your family of things to keep everyone safe. Enjoy your camping trip and the rest of your summer vacation! If you need to visit First Med Urgent Care click here for our locations and hours.

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First Med Urgent Care: Talking About Pool Safety

Pool safety: Avoid a visit to an urgent care, hospital or worse

We’re about to head into another month of summer and the heat is sure to rise! With the warmth of the summer sun beating down on us, more people will want to go swimming. Going swimming is fun, refreshing and it can be a great form of exercise or relaxation depending on how you chose to swim. No matter what your swimming style is, First Med Urgent Care wants you to swim safely this summer.

Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4? According to USA Swimming, media reports indicate that 36 states experienced at least one child drowning in a swimming pool or spa during the summer of 2014. To avoid having to rush to an urgent care, hospital or having worse circumstances occur, we hope you’ll follow these simple, swim safety steps.

1.) Always have an adult supervising the kids at play in the pool, even if there is a life guard on duty. The adult watching the children needs to be free from distractions such as cell phones or other devices, until after the children are out of the pool.

2.) If swimming at home, it is wise to place a fence around the entire pool to avoid young children from wandering into the pool unintentionally.

3.) Having an alarm on the door leading to the pool or having an underwater alarm would also be smart as this would sound off should any children accidentally make their way into the water.

4.) Cover safety drains for child safety and to prevent suction entrapment of other items.

5.) Providing swimming lessons to your children could just save their life.

6.) Learning CPR is another helpful piece of knowledge that might save a life, even if you don’t think you’ll ever use it. The truth is, you just never know!

7.) Pool covers are a smart investment to maintain that the pool stays off limits when you’re not around. If you have an above-ground pool, also consider removing the ladder from the pool when not in use so your little ones won’t be tempted to climb.

While all of these safety tips are important to ensure safe swimming for all, the most important, irreplaceable aspect of them is supervision. Always keep that in mind and have fun swimming safely!

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Fun in the Sun Safety – Avoid Needing Urgent Care: Part 2

First Med Urgent Care: Summer fun

To continue with our Fun in the Sun Safety tips series, let’s take a look at a few activities of summer.

Fun in the Sun Safety tips: COOK-OUT, SWIMMING, AND MORE

3) Summer cook-outs are great, but make sure not to slack on healthy food handling and preparation. Listed below are a few of the guidelines outlined by the CDC to practice food safety in the summer.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before handling food.
If marinating food, keep it in the refrigerator while it is marinating and never use the same marinate on cooked food that was used on the raw meat.
Preheat the grill for up to 30 minutes before use.
Heating Guide:
Hamburgers should be cooked to 160 ºF,
Large cuts of beef such as roasts and steaks may be cooked to 145 ºF for medium rare or to 160 ºF for medium.
Poultry must reach a temperature of 165 °F. Fish should be opaque and flake easily.
Separate your plates: NEVER use a plate to hold cooked food that held raw food.
Eat or refrigerate food within an hour of preparing in weather above 90°F
When using a cooler to store food and beverages, store the beverages in a separate cooler since this will be opened more. The fuller the cooler, the colder the items inside will remain. If a cooler has less items, make sure to fill it with more ice.

4). Practice water safety: Swimming at the pool, the lake, and the ocean are at the top of many lists of summer activities. This leisure activity can be one of the best ways to get that cardiovascular exercise that is beneficial to overall health, especially heart health. To ensure the safety of your loved ones, especially children, make sure that those who will be around water know how to swim and if not, that those in supervisory roles do.

If you are one of those who does not know how to swim, there is no time like the present. Sports facilities such as the YMCA have ongoing swimming lessons for all ages.